Ford Explorer Status

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Sci-fi interfaces


One computer in the control room is dedicated to showing the status of the Jeeps out on tour, and where they currently are on the island.

Next to the vehicle outline, we see the words “Vehicle Type: Ford Explorer” (thank you, product placement) along with “EXP” 4–7.  EXP 4 & 5 look unselected, but have green dots next to them, while EXP 6 & 7 look selected with red dots next to them.  No characters interact with this screen. Mr. Arnold does tap on it with a pen (to make a point though, not to interact with it).

On the right hand side of the screen also see a top-down view of the car with the electric track shown underneath, and little red arrows pointing forward.  Below the graphic are the words “13 mph”.  The most visible and obvious indicator on the screen is the…

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Landscape Architecture Magazine

The things our art director, Chris McGee, hated to leave out of the current issue of LAM.

BEDIT_ADC-BabiYar_20110925_babi-yar_027 A visitor pays his respects at Babi Yar Park in Denver. Credit: © Scott Dressel-Martin.

From “Star Witness” by Jane Margolies, in the July 2015 issue, featuring Mundus Bishop’s re-visioning of Denver’s Babi Yar Park, a Holocaust memorial dedicated to victims in Kiev.

“Looking for solitude or shade—or both—this man watches a ceremony at Babi Yar Park, just over the ridge.”

—Chris McGee, LAM Art Director

You can read the full table of contents for July 2015 or pick up a free digital issue of the July LAM here and share it with your clients, colleagues, and friends. As always, you can buy this issue of Landscape Architecture Magazine at more than 200 bookstores, including many university stores and independents, as well as at Barnes & Noble. You can also buy single digital issues for…

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Caribbean Architect

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